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Mobil app services



  • Requirement analysis
  • UI layouts and workflows
  • System architecture design
  • Database design
  • Communication design





  • Development (frontend and backend)
  • In-house testing
  • Bug-fixing
  • Pilot implementation



Final steps


  • User acceptance testing, security testing and report
  • Modifications, bug-fixes
  • Re-testing of issues, approval
  • Documentation
  • Application release



Support services


  • Backend services
  • E-mail and phone support
  • SLA based response (max. availability: 7 x 24 hours, within 2 hours)



1.1 Mobil app development and testing methodology


The development cycles for each phase are split into sprints. One sprint generally has the following steps:


  • Summary of previous sprint, evaluation of the test report
  • Finalising the requirements, what needs to be done in next sprint
  • Prioritisation
  • Defining dependencies and information required
  • Estimation of work
  • Requirement freeze for running sprint
  • Development work
  • Testing by MagiCom
  • Testing by Customer
  • Reporting on delivered features and time used.




Our testing methodology based on the following funds:

  • testing scenarios
  • manual and automatic testing
  • tests by types: stress test, user acceptance tests, integration tests, functional tests.


Transparent administration in issue-tracking and feedback system (JIRA).

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