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We believe that appropriately operating info-communication technology systems are vital for organizations to achieve goals. Meeting the business objectives, we offer flexible and cost-effective services for installation, operation and development of ICT infrastructures. Our services are based on the requirements of ITIL, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.


Busy spring season in Higher Education

May and June are always eventful in the life of students and teachers in Higher Education.


MagiCom-HBLF Charity Goalball Tournament

MagiCom organizes MagiCom-HBLF Charity Goalball Tournament. There's a short video about it.


Mobil App for Global Company

Business challenge The Global Lighting company designs and builds lighting for large office spaces. The designer has to consider several aspects like safety, ergonomics and energy saving. The inputs for optimal lighting designs are the data from detailed and thorough site surveys. The site survey and the design are performed by different technicians, so the customer faced several problems raising from misunderstandings and missing data. Therefore the customer decided to implement a mobile application for the technicians doing the site surveys.